infidelity spy 1.2

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Spouse Monitoring . Infidelity Spy. Infidelity Spying . Extramarital Affair

This tool will spy all infidelity spouse activity on your phone!
It will start to log all SMS messages to one gmail account.

Don't worry, no one will notice. The upcoming version of this software will appear disguised as a phone definitions tool. No one will notice its purpose.

Also the new upcoming version will have:
- reply to a sms with the text "where are you" with your current google maps position (don't worry, the message will not appear on the phone messages)
- record calls on demand and upload them when there's connectivity;
- record audio whenever you want just by sending a SMS message with the text "record audio"
- record camera video and photos just by sending a sms with message "grab video" or "take a picture"
- update this software with newer version just by sending a sms with "update me"

When the phone is in spy mode, no activity will be shown on the display so there's no way the user will find out!

This software will have big updates activity so some features may not exist at the moment but they will appear quick. Stay tuned, don't uninstall this app.

Any new feature you may want, just send the developer an email.

This tool should be used for entertainment and personal purposes only. You should not interfere with other life with prior authorization. Please refer to your legal system before using it.

Last Updated:2011-09-19 00:50:13
File size:1.19MB
OS:Android 1.5 and up

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